Friday 13 February 2015

The Year So Far - AAARRRGH!

2015 got off to a fairly bad start when I decided to try abstinence for a month, and then fell into a state of anger, upset, annoyance, sickness and general listlessness from which I'm only just recovering.
Also in January, the new lighter I received for Christmas decided to pack up ("Hey ho", I thought,"it's only a lighter").
But little did I know this was just a pre-cursor for the headaches to come.

In mid-January, I took my car for a Service and MOT at the Jaguar Main Dealer - it passed, not necessarily with flying colours, but it passed.  As part of the Service, the garage carried out a Vehicle Health Check, and the car was given a clean bill of health - "nothing of concern there sir" (I like this garage, because they call me "Sir" - they obviously recognise my importance in the world).
So, I was a bit miffed when 10 days later I go to accelerate, and the dashboard starts flashing at me.  I pulled over, stopped, switched the engine off, re-started and all seemed fine (maybe it was just freaking out due to the cold weather).
2 days later it happens again.  This time the whole engine cuts out.  It still re-started but just didn't feel right.
Took it down to the local garage (I know the owner, and they don't charge Main Dealer prices).  Diagnosis: "Injectors have had it, and you need a new Fuel Pump - that'll be £3grand please".
Oh, and the Main Dealer deny all culpability as the parts affected weren't part of the Service or Health Check (fair enough, but still bloody annoying)

No, no, this can't be happening!!

Thing is, you know how there is unconditional love for your children?  Well, now my kids have grown up and left home *, I have passed these feelings to my dogs and my car (yes, call me shallow, but thats just the way it is).

* well, one is living with my parents because its nearer her work,  and the other is with her mother because its nearer her college

In short, if there is something wrong, then I'd pretty much do anything to solve it.
So, speaking to mechanics/technicians at work they advised me to try a Specialist Garage they have used.
Phoned them up, go it booked in, got it checked, same diagnosis (without the Fuel Pump) - still expensive, but not so much wallet-aching as before.  5 days they've had it now, and I should be getting it back tomorrow.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, earlier this week I awoke to see Penguins, Eskimos and Polar Bears waddling around my house - the Central Heating has decided to pack in.

I REALLY don't need this!!

Fortunately, the addition of Homecare to the Home Insurance has proved to be a good idea.  The Homecare people rode up to my house this morning, replaced a fuse in the boiler and now the house is warm.

So who says Friday 13th is unlucky?
Got my car fixed, got my heating fixed - and Mrs D has forgiven me for shouting and bawling at her about the Heating on Thursday morning (I think?).
Result all round seemingly - except I still haven't sorted out a new lighter.

As far as it is possible for a proper grumpy old sod to be content, I am actually (fairly) happy.

The Aliens - "The Happy Song"