Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Vehicle Registration Plates

The '11' vehicle plates offer much humour with the potential 'personal' plates that can be had (well, its humourous to me anyway)

Registration       Personal Plate For
RO11 OVA      Dog owners
RO11 TME      Del Amitri fans
BU11 DOG      Beatles Fans
LU11 ABY       Anyone with a new baby
MU11 ETS       Someone who is stuck in the 80s
CA11 GAL       Lady who will visit you for something enjoyable
DO11 ARS       Donald Trump
TA11 EST        Stephen Merchant
BE11 IES          People of a "larger frame"
RO11 MOP      Lovers of pickled herring
WA11 IES        (I can think of a few candidates for this one)
DU11 ARD      (see above)
BE11 END       BMW Drivers

Several years ago, I changed my name to AHW 913V, just so I could have a personalised registration.
I sold the car within 6 months and then had to change my name again.

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