Monday 4 July 2011

I read a book once - it was a blue one

Other than books read for exams at school, text books for college or instruction books for stuff (rarely do I read these - blokes don't read Instruction Books), my reading habits were limited to the point of virtual non-existence.

In the last 6 months or so, I have stopped buying a newspaper to read at work everyday and bought, borrowed or found some books to read during my lunchtime, or whenever else I feel like reading something (usually Saturday & Sunday mornings when no other bugger in the house is awake - just me, a book, a cup of coffee and some fags (or cigarettes if you're reading this in the USA of America)).

Buying a stash of new Books every 6 weeks or so is (as my dear wife1 informs me) is getting expensive.
The solution: a visit to the Charity Shop.

I've just bought 6 new books for the princely sum of £3 - cheap at half the price.  And I've given to charity without being mugged in the Town Centre by a do-gooder with a clipboard wanting my bank details for Direct Debit donations

These books will be consumed (ie read, not eaten) and will either be retained in the 'Library'2 or returned to the charity shop when I next stock up.

Key Points:

  1. Books are great - how come its taken me this long to realise?
  2. Support your local Charity Shop with both donations and purchases.  It would be a crying shame if the majority of what was in the shop I visited at the weekend were to end up in land-fill.
    "One mans rubbish is another mans Treasure"
PS The Charity Shop also had a stack of Vinyl, CDs & DVDs which warrant future investigation

1 Why is she referred to a "my dear wife"? Because she's expensive to maintain (boom boom tish)
2 I say 'Library' - in actual fact it is a series of shelves in various rooms, and the books will be inserted wherever there is a space.  Or (as is often likely) just piled on the floor of my office/den/crap hole of a room)

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