Friday, 8 June 2012


I started to learn to play Guitar at school, but beyond a passable rendition of 'Apache' on an acoustic guitar, I never really got anywhere.

About 5 years ago, I received a Christmas present of a red Squire Strat (subsequently named 'Nigella') & Fender Amp.  I plugged it all in, strapped on the guitar - and then I remembered my capabilities (or lack thereof).  So I played 'Apache' and the 4 chords I knew (A,D, E & G).
And so (as the saying goes) I had all the gear, but no idea.

Fortunately, I had a mate who knew how to play properly.
He was a patient teacher who took me through the theory, scales and rhythmic playing.
Just as well when he was confronted with a musical idiot with no sense of tone, who just wanted to thrash away at the thing - but I calmed down and learned some valuable lessons - my playing and musical sense improved immeasurably in a relatively short space of time.
In addition, I got hold of a copy of Guitar Pro 5, which was really useful in showing the chords AND the rythym/strumming.

And so, 5 years on I sit here with Nigella on my lap just strumming away, piddling about with new riffs, making a (vaguely) tuneful noise and replaying favourites from my limited repertoire.  I consider myself to be a passable/average player - basically, I can do the chords and the rhythm, I just can't do the twiddly bits.

Being a decidedly average guitar player has not stopped me branching out musically into the Stylophone & the Harmonica as supplementary instruments.
I can now consider myself a one man band.  And according to those who've suffered the cacophony, I should be banned

Maybe I should get a book to further my abilities:

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