Thursday, 10 February 2011

Why is my brain full of this rubbish?

A recent conversation reminded me of the old playground card game Top Trumps
Brilliant game - used to have loads (Cars, Bikes, Military Jets, Fire Engines) but the sets I had most of were the football ones.
The conversation with my wife turned to all things Football Top Trumps, whereupon she was informed that:
- Kenny Daglish had the most international goals (18, only equalled by Don Givens)
- Brian Flynn was 5' 2" (in a Wales shirt), but in another pack has was 5' 3 and a half (in Leeds colours)
- John Cheidoze had only played 16 games
- Charlie George is in one pack as a Derby player, and another as a Southampton player (but the picture is the same)
- Allan Clarke is the best for League Goals as he has 201
and a whole load of other particularly useless information from the Football Top Trumps of 1978-1980.
Why do I still know this stuff?
Will it ever leave my brain?
There must come a point where no other stuff can fit in the grey matter, and when asked a question, I will reply with the 1981 Ipswich Town team (Cooper, Burley, Mills, Thijsen, Osman, Butcher, Wark, Muhren, Mariner, Brazil, Gates)
Two great sources of Football Top Trump (and other Football cards) information
I've wasted HOURS trawling through these two sites, and generally wallowing in nostalgia

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