Sunday 22 May 2011

What is the point of ... ?

  • Disposable Barbecues
    Too small to cook enough for 4 people in one go
    Take twice as long to cook a sausage as grilling/frying in the normal way
    Too much smoke, not enough heat
  • Dermot O'Leary (or any TV Presenter turned radio DJ)
    Radio DJ and TV Presenter are two distinct activities - Radio to TV usually works, TV to Radio invariably ends in failure
  • +1 TV Channels
    The concept is good ('missed your favourite show? catch up with it one hour after original broadcast'), but surely this is the point of iPlayer (other variants are available).
    How long before +2, +12 or +1 Day channels appear to fill up the missing numbers on the tellybox?
  • Mowing the lawn
    Is there a more tedious pursuit?
    You walk along with your mower, and you just know that the sodding grass you've just cut behind you is already starting to grow again, meaning you're going to have to do it all again in a week/fortnight.
    I have a solution to this annoyance - concrete
  • Twitter
    The mini-sized social networking tool is used to immediately comment your feelings and thoughts your followers.  You are of course limited t

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