Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Food Remains The Same

Just been shopping.  Nothing unusual about that - most people do.
The weekly ritual of driving to a supermarket and wandering aimlessly around a cavernous warehouse/aircraft hanger pushing a trolley, and generally being bored with the whole escapade (or maybe thats just me).
Anyway, among the usual purchases of much needed groceries and homewares (aka Burgers, Booze and Bogroll), my purchases included items which have been bought for many years, and will continue to be bought for the foreseeable future.

In short, much of my shopping reminds me that my diet has not really changed since about the age of 12!

Peanut Butter (Crunchy - has to be Crunchy, not the sub-standard Smooth variety)
Sandwich Spread
Super Noodles
Crinkle Cut Chips
Fish Fingers
Rice Krispies
Spaghetti Hoops
Alphabetti Spaghetti
Tunnocks Tea Cakes
Butterscotch Flavour Angel Delight

And whats wrong with that lot as the cornerstone of kitchen cupboard provisions?

Freddie Flintoff recently appeared on BBC's Saturday Kitchen.  When asked what his favourite meal was (his 'Food Heaven'), the reply was: Fish Fingers, Chips & Beans - Top Man.

Right, I'm off for a Fish Finger & Salad Cream sandwich - all washed down with a pint of Ribena

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