Sunday 29 January 2012

The Joy of Discovery (aka "Whats that Noise?")

"A Meerkat Moment": the time when everything stops and you just listen to the sound coming from the radio, TV, Computer, or from any other source (usually accompanied by your mouth hanging wide open).
The music, and the band, become all cosumingly important. Some bands come to you in a sort of organic way (ie you can see the logic of why you like them because of the other bands you're listening to at that particular time).  These are moments that just sort of come out of nowhere, but have such an effect that you'll listen to nothing else for days (or maybe thats just me?).

Todays "Meerkat Moment" was Graham Day & The Gaolers, and, The Prisoners

I was idly surfing the internet, and whilst I can't share everything I was looking at, the album 'Soundtrack To The Daily Grind' was kindly recommended by Amazon.
A welcome recommendation indeed - two bands I've never heard of

Who are Graham Day & The Gaolers?

(shamelessly nicked from Graham Day & the Gaolers myspace page)
"Graham Day is a founder member of: The Prisoners, The Prime Movers, Planet and The SolarFlares. He has also played drums with Billy Childish in Thee Mighty Caesars and Bass in The Buff Medways. He also appeared in the Gift Horses alongside Martin Blunt and Jon Brookes before they formed The Charlatans."

And so, I know next to nothing about Graham Day & The Gaolers, and little about the "legendary Medway band The Prisoners" (source: Damaged Goods Records), but the albums 'Hurricane: The Best Of The Prisoners', 'Soundtrack To The Daily Grind' and 'Triple Distilled' are on order.
When they arrive I'm sure they will fill a hole in my musical knowledge that I didn't even know was missing.

For More Information (if you're interested):
Graham Day & The Gaolers (myspace)
The Prisoners (myspace)
The Prisoners (Wikipedia)

Graham Day & The Gaolers - Soundtrack To The Daily Grind

The Prisoners - Coming Home

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