Monday 21 May 2012


Things change.  Attitudes to stuff changes.
It's only when you stop and take stock that you realise.

Previously I mentioned my new car purchase (its a Jaaag (which must be said in a Terry-Thomas/Leslie Phillips type voice)).
I owned my previous car for just over 6 years.  In all that time, I don't think it was ever touched by a sponge.  The only time it got any water on it was when it rained.
I've had the new car for just over 4 weeks now and I have washed it twice already.

In recent weeks I have noticed that I have now shunned the T-Shirt & Jeans combination in favour of the shirt.  A proper long sleeved button up shirt.  They just seem more comfortable.  In fact, I would say that I have a favourite shirt (not really, I just wanted to slip the song title in)

In addition to this change of top covering, I had cause to buy a new pair of boots.  The old ones were somewhat past their best - the sole had all but come clean off on one boot, and the other had more holes in it than a northern town who have just been relegated from the Premier League.
A visit to the local footwear emporium was necessary.  I visited Brantanamo Bay (or Brantano as it is actually called, which is exactly the same a Guantanamo Bay except no-one is wearing an orange boilersuit and the place is full of shoes) and selected a new pair of boots.
I now have a pair of Chelsea Boots as my "not at work" footwear, and very comfy they are too.

And then this morning I noticed a slight problem - I woke up to let the dogs out for their morning business.  I threw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and the aforementioned favourite shirt.  I then slipped on my new boots to accompany the mutts outside.
Did I look like a prime pillock or what?  The Chelsea Boot/Jogging Pants ensemble is a tough one to pull off, and I don't think I managed it.
Oh well, might have to invest in a pair of slippers - or is that a step too far?

Carter USM - Surfin USM
Memories of "dancing" (more like jumping around like a complete loony) to this album, whilst wearing T-Shirt, Jeans and the omnipresent leather jacket with Motorhead & Iron Maiden logos on the back (no idea where that has gone - must have a look in the loft).
This track has a resonance due to the spoken introduction (lifted from an episode of Red Dwarf (Body Swap)) - painfully accurate, and sadly quite true

Attached video warning: does contain the word "b*stard")

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