Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Songs For Sports Day

Unless you have been living on another planet for the past couple of months, you will more than likely noticed that a huge great Sports Day is about to take place in London, and other selected areas of the country.

So what musical treats of will we be bombarded with from the impending televisual feast?

I am expecting to hear (and be thoroughly bored of hearing after 3 weeks) the following in constant rotation:
  • Spandau Ballet - Gold
  • Take That - Rule The World
  • Sterophonics - Have A Nice Day
  • Pet Shop Boys - Winner
  • Status Quo - The Winner
In reference to the last two, is it just a coincidence that these songs have been released just before the start of the Olympics?  Coincidence or cynical marketing strategy?
The sporting montages, a commonly used tool to either (a) kill time between links and events, or (b) close down the days coverage are likely to be awash with Coldplay, Elbow's "One Day Like This", and probably The Clash's - "London Calling" (unless British Airways have an exclusive rights deal)

And if anyone with any authority over these things is reading this, can I please put a vote in for "Go For It" by Stiff Little Fingers.  It just sounds like the ideal track for a sporting montage.

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  1. You're partly right about Elbow; they've written the main theme song for the beeb's coverage. And Hot Chip have done a tune for the ping-pong apparently!