Monday 1 October 2012

D'you Wanna See Some Puppies?

I'm a bloke - I like Football, Beer, Cars and Motorhead.
So writing about feelings, pets and domestic upheval isn't going to happen - WRONG!

We have 2 Dogs (1 Female (Nancy) and 1 Male (Merlin)).
Nancy was in season in late March, and although Merlin took a great interest and did try to become a daddy, he probably wasn't old enough.
The plan was to get him "done" in September, before Nancy was in season again.
Unfortunately, she had a second season at the end of July, and Merlin filled his boots.
Nancy got fatter, and we estimated/guessed the due date was as yesterday (30 September).  At about 3:00 pm, her waters broke and she seemed to be starting labour.  By 5:00, no puppies but the birth sack was being expelled from the dog.
An hour later, still nothing so I phoned the vets (this is Saturday, so it was the local out of hours service).
We arranged to take Nancy down, where she was assessed and  X-Rayed.  The problem was two puppies pushing down the birth canal at the the same time, hence causing a blockage.  The only way forward was for Nancy to have an emergency cesarean to extract the puppies.  This had to be done to prevent any further stress on Nancy and the unborn puppies.

It was a long, sober night.  At 3:00am Sunday morning, we were able to collect Nancy and her 5 puppies (originally it was 6, but sadly one didn't survive).

Firstly, I'd like to say a big Thank You to the people at VetsNow, Castle Street, Reading for all the work they did and the time they took - a definite reminder that there are still some thoroughly decent, helpful people about.
And secondly, I need to train myself not to walk round saying the above title to everyone I meet.

Right, I'm off to check the Fantasy Football Scores, drink Boddingtons, watch some Rallying, and listen to Lemmy.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

PS Does anyone want a puppy?

Should I include a link to Cat Stevens singing 'I Love My Dog'?
No, I think that would be a step too far

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