Friday 16 November 2012

Right Said Fred

No, not the Deeply Dippy baldy brothers (and that bloke with the curly locks and the guitar).
This Bernard Cribbins 'novelty' song is a true, unadultered classic.  I'm surprised there haven't been more high profile cover versions of this monumental track.

But, what were they trying to move?
First thought is a Piano, especially when they talk about removing "them fings that hold the candles".
But does a piano have handles?  A portable piano perhaps - I've never seen one, but they might exist.
And then Fred suggests taking the feet off.  Do Pianos have feet? Yes, they do.  But the next line, they're taking the seat off.  So this is now a piano with handles and a built-in seat.  Not like any piano I've come across.
In the end, they end up wrecking the house trying to move whatever it is, and Charlie and his mate go home leaving Fred to do the cleaning up.

Is it important? Probably not, but I would like to know what they were moving.

The spoken part at the end is another one of those 'philosophy in songs' moments:

"I said to Charlie we'll just have to leave it standing on the landing that's all, 
You see the trouble with Fred is he's too hasty 
Now you never get nowhere if you're too hasty"

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