Thursday 10 January 2013

Time For A Clear Up

Usually pretty scrupulous about filing CDs (not so Vinyl as some earlier tales will attest).
Usual practice when getting new music is:
  • Place in pile next to stereo for initial listening
  • Re-arrange shelves to create gaps to store new stuff (the most cathartic/calming/philosophical activity I can think of)
  • Store on shelves protruding as a reminder that "This Is New - You Must Listen Again"
  • After approx 1 month/5 listens, push CD in flush with the rest of the shelf
  • Repeat
OCD? Probably.  Pedantic? Most definitely.  A bit sad? Very much so according to my wife and family.

But, I've let things slide recently.  There is now an additional step in the process.  Between steps 1 and 2, the new activity "move CDs nearer to shelf but just leave them in a pile to sort out later" has been invoked.

An introduction to my filing system:
Like most right-minded people, CDs are stored (a) alphabetically, and then (b) chronologically.

A working example - Stiff Little Fingers
SLFs CDs are filed according to chronological release including Compilations and Live Albums, with un-official/bootlegs stored together after the official catalogue.  Perfectly sensible, and all very logical.  To find a copy of 'Go For It' you just need to find the 'S' section and check out the fourth CD in the Stiff Little Fingers collection - and hey presto, you'll be jumping up and down to "Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae" in a matter of seconds.

"That is brilliant, sensible and the right thing to do" - I hear some of you cry.
"That is tedious, anal and downright sad" - I hear many others cry.

In the words of Billy Bragg: Which Side Are You On?

Now here's the kicker -
most filing systems follow the principle of the written word (ie Left to Right), mine goes to Right to Left.
That's the way I always stored my vinyl, and when it came to CDs I just carried on.
And here is my one bit of saving logic:  grab a pile of CDs from the shelf, stand pile on last CD drawn out, and there you have.
(I realise that this explanation would be far easier if illustrated by a picture/photograph - sadly, new fangled technology such as the digital camera or mobile phone has not yet been incorporated into my existence)
I did lose the battle regarding the storage of the DVDs, though - they are stored in the "right way" apparently (ie Left to Right).

I just think that these things are important

Are you still on the same side, or have you invented a third option: "What planet are you on?"

An illustration of what it is like some nights in my house:

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