Friday 4 October 2013

Against My Better Judgement

I will now be joining the 21st Century.
Two or three months ago, the current Mrs D decided to drop her mobile phone, shattering the screen in the process.  It was still usable, but there was a danger of getting shards of glass stuck in your cheek after every phone call.  And being one of those new fangle-dangled Smart Phone things, it became increasingly difficult to operate without slicing the tip of your finger.

The price of repair/replacement was a bit steep, with no insurance and no immediate chance of an upgrade.
A new phone contract was sorted out with a new supplier  - the amount of freebies (ie a 7" Tablet and a Digital Camera) probably swung the deal.  But we still had the old SIM card and a broken phone, and another few months until it could be cancelled without incurring charges.

When the day came, I phoned the supplier and stated my wish to cancel the contract.  As I had been with them for about 10 years (or so) and they provide all the TV, Broadband and Telephony, I was offered as a good will gesture, a reduced price SIM Only deal, and a free handset (whilst maintaining the discounts I have on the other packages).

So now I will take possession of my first mobile phone - I will no longer be able to claim blissful ignorance and luddite-ness of the modern world.
Nor will I be able to hide behind the excuse: "Sorry, I forgot what time it was and had no way of contacting you"

The handset itself is a dead basic version, able to make and receive calls and texts, and ... that's about it.
Well, if I have to have a phone (and I'm told that I do) then that is really all I want to do with it.

In the eyes of my wife and children, I am still a technophobic dullard, but its a start

Now, what about this FaceTube thing?

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