Saturday 31 January 2015

Thank **** That's (nearly) Over

Dry January, or my own peculiar spin on it, is nearing completion.

My version of Dry January has been to deny myself the pleasure of buying new music for the course of the month. It has been an exercise in self-awareness, self-denial and extreme stupidity, which to be honest I wish I'd never embarked on.

Thing is, this is a self defeating exercise - as the calendar lurches slowly towards February 1st, I am sat, eagerly brandishing a Credit Card ready to binge on the aural pleasures I have been denying myself for the last 30 days.
(I wonder if the "No Alcohol Dry January-ers will be doing the same thing?  Downing 15 pints and half a bottle of Vodka as the clock ticks past midnight?  Probably not.)

The expansion of the Amazon Wish List is testament to my achievement.  As is the self-control displayed when following recommendations I have landed on Spotify or YouTube, thoroughly enjoyed what I'm hearing, and not followed up with a physical purchase.
But the constant headaches, shakes and bouts of nausea have become unbearable.
Little did I realise that after that first 7" single purchase in 1981, I was on the slippery slope: Work - Get Money - Buy Music.
At the start, I would be limiting myself to 2, maybe 3 purchases, in a month.  As time went on, I found myself hoarding more and more, and indulging in an increasing wide range of musical delights.  I thought, like most others I'm sure, "this is not a problem, I can stop at any time".  But the cravings continued, and more purchases were needed to be made to satisfy my hunger.

Through fear of temptation, I have changed walking routes to avoid Record Shops and Charity Shops.  I have purposefully avoided the (often laughable) Music section in Supermarkets.  And I no longer drive past the Leisure Centre for fear of seeing the bright yellow "Massive Record Fair This Weekend" sign.

But I have not waivered - it is now nearly 6 weeks since my last purchase, and I will not let these last few hours beat me.  Positive Mental Attitude - I will tell myself "I Can Do It!"
(The Rubettes, 1975 - I wonder if that is available anywhere on Amazon?  ... No! You must resist)

Do I feel any better for this period of abstinence?  Not really, no.
Would I do it again?  Absolutely Not!

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  1. Less than 3hrs until midnight - Amazon pickers at the ready for Rigid's huge order!