Tuesday 9 February 2016

Too Much Choice or Lack Of Interest?

There is no other way of saying it, but I love music.
Once all the usual, mundane expenses are taken care of (Motrgage, Car, Food, Tobacco, Beer etc) all disposable income goes on the purchasing of CDs, Vinyl and any other music medium (I once bought a stack of 8 Track Cartridges - I have no Player for them, but at least I know I own them).
So, what I've ended up with is a stack of shelves stuffed with whatever music to match any given mood.

Apart from slobbing out in front of the telly, every other activity in the house is accompanied by some music blasting (or even sometimes (rarely) just gently filtering through the air.
My usual routine during the week (because you have to have a routine, don't you?) is whilst driving home from work, deciding upon that evenings soundtrack.  Sometimes I can't settle on a particular choice, so will spend a couple of minutes staring at the shelves awaiting inspiration - that usually does the job and the evening soundtrack is somehow mystically sorted.

However, in recent times I find myself bereft of inspiration.  I have no great desire to listen to anything in particular.  And the 2 minutes staring at the shelves has turned into a 10 minute contemplation on the relative merits of whatever my eyes fall upon.  Discs are withdrawn from the shelf, looked at, ummed and arred about, and then put back.

Have I hit that tipping point where too much choice has become a barrier to decision (and enjoyment?)
Have I really listened to everything I own so much that it has lost it's appeal?
Maybe I should re-organise the shelves in the hope of finding a lost gem?

I've only bought a couple of new CDs this year, but can't say that I'm cock-a-hoop about any of them yet.  Despite near constant listening in mid-January, David Bowie's 'Blackstar' has not burrowed into my head.  I'm reading reports, and hearing others, declare at as a masterpiece.  Unfortunately, I'm not getting that yet (may be another symptom of my malaise?).

But .. I will not give in - another order has been placed with the friendly on-line retailer, and includes two candidates for the "most likely to shake me out of this situation award" - Steve Masons 'Meet The Humans' is due at the end of the month, and 'Commontime' by Field Music.

Not knowingly heard the band until the release of "The Noisy Days Are Over", everything else I've heard by them so far has (nearly) convinced me all is not lost, and hopefully I will be back to "entertaining" the house once again.

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