Monday 1 January 2018

Something To Do In 2018

I need a "quest", a purpose, something to do to get myself to do a regular update to this blog.
A sort of regular feature to supplement the other fine fine pieces of writing about new releases and the back catalogues of my favourite artists.

Whilst not a wholly original idea to "listen to stuff and then write about it", I'm going to do it anyway.

There are 26 letter in the alphabet (as I'm sure you knew?) - this means there is the basis for a series of fortnightly postings based around something in the alphabet.

As a bit of a nerd/sad muppet/OCD case (delete as applicable), my entire Music Collection is logged in a database.
(Well, big Excel spreadsheet - the Access Database I had previously "fell over" and I couldn't be arsed to re-build it)
This lists all singles and albums by artist and title - that is the starting point, that is the alphabetical bit of my quest.
Now all I need to do is generate a random number, find the corresponding entry in the database, listen to it and write some wondrous prose (or meandering rubbish) about said album.

As it is all in Excel, I will create a Pivot Table to arrange LPs and CDs alphabetically be artist, and use the RAND function to tell me which number I need to be waffling on about at that time.

This is not without problems or concerns - there is a distinct possibility that the random number generation could lead me to waxing lyrical about The Barron Knights or James Last, or an album I bought for one track and really couldn't listen to the rest of it.
But by the same token, this could lead to a re-discovery of a long forgotten dust covered relic that has lain dormant for far too long - it is my duty to tell the world of it's greatness.

This will only cover the A - Z part of the database - Various Artists Compilations are to be excluded, as whilst I'd dearly love to bang on about the Nuggets compilation, I'm really not sure I could find the enthusiasm for Now Thats What I Call Music 7, Hits 5 or Micky Mouse's Disco Party.

Let the pointless quest commence ...

Slade - Here's To The New Year

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