Friday, 10 August 2018

Record Collection Random Choice (RCRC) - W: Wolfsbane - Live Fast, Die Fast

Not too much has come out of Tamworth - Sir Robert Peel and Julian Cope perhaps being the most noteworthy.
But it was home to one of the first British Heavy Metal bands to be signed to Rick Rubin's Def American label.  He was also producer of this - their debut album.

The sub-title of the album should give a bit of a clue to the content:
Wicked Tales of Booze, Birds and Bad Language

The album itself is pretty formulaic - sort of Iron Maiden meets AC/DC with a bit of David Lee Roth thrown in for good measure.  And the Rick Rubin production is not a great one - it all sounds a bit flat, the edges smoothed and never really shines or grabs the listeners attention.
I'd like to say "ah - but this doesn't matter because the songs are top notch".
Unfortunately, I can't say this because the album has a couple of high points and then seems to be fleshed out with filler, guitar trickery (wankery?) and thumping drums.
Give Blaze Bayley credit though - the vocals are really quite good, and one can understand how the man got the job of filling Bruce Dickinson's shoes in Iron Maiden (sadly, despite a couple of good songs, the Maiden albums he was involved with are a bit "treading water").

But back to Wolfsbane ...

The album kicks off with an sonic assault in the shape of "Man Hunt" - maybe not big on the lyrical front, but a late 80s Metal track favoured at parties and alternative nightclubs (I know this because I played it a couple of times to positive reaction).
But following songs barely break away from the template and just all sound a bit predictable.  The two other beast tracks are "All Or Nothing" (not the Small Faces song), and (almost obligatory) Rock/Metal Ballad (think Bad Company meets Dogs D'Amour) in the shape of "Tears From A Fool".

12 tracks - 3 pass muster, and the other 9 are somewhat disposable (to my ears) - I wouldn't necessarily seek this album out again (maybe I've heard it too much in my younger years), but by the same token I wouldn't turn it off if it popped up on random play.

Man Hunt

Tears From A Fool

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  1. Very much of their era but I wouldn't turn them off either. - Rol.