Friday 2 September 2022

Let's Go Round Again

In 1990, Adrian Smith left Iron Maiden.  Bruce Dickinson followed him out in 1993.
In January 1999, both re-joined and the legacy of Iron Maiden was secured, and I think with the albums since then enhanced.

For short periods in 1968 and 1969, both Ringo and George left The Beatles.  Both soon re-joined, and The Beatles future record making was not harmed (even if the life of the band was limited)

Rick Wakeman has left and re-joined Yes no fewer than 4 times (5 if you include the collective of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe.  6 if you add Aderson Rabin Wakeman).

Ian Rush left Liverpool for Juventus, and returned after a year - apparently it was like living in a foreign country - and his return did not dent his goalscoring prowess.

Nigel Tufnell left Spinal Tap after his wireless guitar started picking up radio signals on an air-base.  He re-joined soon after when David St Hubbins invited him back on stage a couple of months later.

In 1984, REM advised us Don't Go Back To Rockville (I've never been there in the first place, but I follow the sentiment)

In 2014, Stiff Little Fingers stated they were not going back to their dark places, and the parent album told us, in no uncertain terms, there is No Going Back

Hang on ... what are you banging on about?

My point is for every Frank Lampard returning to Chelsea, there are probably about 20 instances where returning to the scene of glory and comfort is the right thing to do.

About a year ago, I changed jobs - moving from nigh on 30+ years old world of Projects to the new exciting opportunity of IT systems administration.  And I think it has been pretty successful, if not a truly great fit for me personally.  Frankly, I've grown a bit bored of it - there's a lot of repetition, and the peaks and troughs of activity are not easy for my brain to deal with - I much prefer a constant engagements thing, rather than stop-start-stop.
So when the opportunity to return to more comfortable surroundings arose, well there was a little umming and ahhing (and a slight feeling of "have I failed?"), but the move was made, albeit on a "phased transition" over the next couple of months (ie 1 to 2 days in the new role, 3 days in the current one).
It might only be half a week, but I'm enjoying the return to the old world (Brave New World - spot the Iron Maiden reference ...)
And as a brief justification (mainly to myself) - it's not an exact return to my old job, this one is Resource Management (a sort of Project Management / Human Resources hybrid type role).  All about making sure we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

So despite conventional wisdom suggesting one should never return to the scene of the crime (or duff firework), that is pretty much what I'm doing - and looking forward to it too.

What better way to celebrate than a slab of 1970s Funk-Soul-R&B

Average White Band - Let's Go Round Again

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