Thursday 25 August 2011

The Holiday From Hayling

Just returned from 5 days holiday in Hayling Island.
Have done the usual: Grown a beard, drunk too much and generally adopted the demeanor of Jack Dee on Downers
5 days in a caravan, 2 miles from the nearest pub (which was usually closed) and kept awake at night by idiots who can't be bothered to let their dogs in the van at night, hence everyone kept awake for a good (bad) couple of hours listening to the whine of the hound of the Baskervilles.

Just my opinion, but a holiday never really feels like a holiday if you have to cook all your own food, do all your own washing up and make your own bed.  Am I lazy? Probably, but I'm 41 and just want to relax on holiday, and ,yes, be lazy.

Visited Chichester on one day, but didn't see Keith Richards out shopping in the city centre, but did see quite a few Saturday Kids, who'd obviously saved up their money for a holiday to Selsey Bill or Bracklesham Bay.

Every place I visit in the UK inspires thought to well known/famous local residents:
  • Birmingham - Trevor Francis & Jasper Carrott (very nearly asked to leave the Hotel for saying "They ain't got no cowing Bovril" in an attempted Brummie accent)
  • Coventry - The Specials, Pete Waterman, the song 'Concrete Jungle' and The New Fast Atomic Daffodills (I was convinced The New FADS were from Coventry - got that one wrong!)
  • Oxford - Radiohead & Robert Maxwell
  • Southampton - Mick Channon, Lawrie McMenemy & Kaliber non-alcoholic Lager
  • Brentford - Stan Bowles & Nick Lowe
No idea why, but for some unknown reason (actually it was probably something to do with reading Ian MacLagan's autobiography) my brain now permanently associates Hayling Island with Ronnie Lane.

Spent a long time revisiting The Small Faces & The Faces since my return.
Slim Chance (Ronnie Lanes band after leaving The Faces) are now somewhat forgotten.  Shame, because it is well worth listening to.
The track below ('How Come') - sort of The Faces meets McGuiness Flint - Enjoy!

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