Saturday 16 March 2013

Undiscovered Britain

With the sterling work performed in the past by Ordnance Survey, and now the on-line visuals of Google Maps and Google Streetview, you would think there are no parts of Britain left undiscovered.

I beg to differ.
A little research has shown there are still a number of small villages/hamlets as yet uncharted, but have somehow become common, everyday phrases.

Acrimonious Circumstances
A small village on the Llyn Peninsula, about 5 miles west of Abersoch.
It appears that this village has some strange effect on visitors personal and/or professional relationships.

"Are those two still married?"
"No, they split up in Acrimonious Circumstances"

"The band continued for another 3 years, and then split up in Acrimonious Circumstances"

Often taken to mean "the split was a pretty rough thing for all to deal with", it turns out that they probably just had a bad holiday in North Wales.

Authors, film makers and songwriters are often said to be looking for Inspiration.
This village is somewhere between Wakefield and Dewsbury, just off Junction 40 of the M1.

Humble Beginnings
A small hamlet on the Essex/Kent border.
Supposed birthplace of many film stars, footballers and boxers - all of whom have claimed to come from Humble Beginnings.
Shares it name with a small town in the middle of the Arizona Desert, which was the supposed birthplace of a plethora of 1930s Hollywood film stars.

Apparently things happen at Random.  A very small market town about 10 miles south east of Bourton-on-the-Water.
Home to a series of strange, unexplained events.  If something odd happens, chance are that it happened at Random - something to do with astrology, ley lines and other cosmic mumbo-jumbo apparently

A tiny village in the Highlands of Scotland.  Apart from a couple of crofters cottages and a small area of woodland, this village is also home to a Royal Mail sorting office for second class post.
So when you ask someone where a cheque, invoice or tax disc is and you get the answer "oh, it's in the post", it is not necessarily a delaying tactic (or a downright lie in some cases), but probably a genuine statement.

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