Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dreams Can Come True

Despite the barrage of TV programmes, films, books, newspaper articles etc advising us of the 1001 Things We Must Do Before We Die, there is more to life than an ongoing exercise of ticking boxes.
And despite the opening statement, I have just put a great big tick in the one box I never thought I would complete.

Since passing my driving test, my dream garage has consisted of:
  • Ford Granada MkI (as seen in The Sweeney (actually The Sweeney car was a Consul))
  • Ford Capri (as seen in Minder and The Professionals)
  • Lotus Esprit (as seen in The Spy Who Loved Me)
  • Triumph Stag (as seen on the driveway of my next door neighbour)
  • Mark 2 Jaguar (as seen in The Long Good Friday)

Without being specific, the one car marque that I've always wanted to own is a Jaguar.
The model is relatively unimportant, I just want to own a Jag.
And now I've got one.
And since taking delivery, I have been grinning like an imbecile - I still can't believe that I own a Jag.

If you're interested:
2005 X Type XS 2.0 Diesel
It a special edition version - it has 2 balaclavas in the glove box, and a sawn-off shotgun in the boot.

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