Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Super Hero Qualifications

All Super Heroes have distinct abilities that separate them from normal mortals - hence the reason they are Super Heroes I suppose.

My Special Powers are:
  • Drink a pint of beer in 19 seconds
  • Eat a Jam Doughnut in 3 Bites
  • Ability to calculate Net Present Value
  • Understand the concept and application of binomial distribution
  • Rudimentary HTML
  • Memorised the following pointless trivia:
    * starting XI's for Aston Villa, Ipswich Town and Liverpool for the 1981/82 Season
    * the scorelines and starting line-ups for all FA Cup Finals from 1970 to 1990
    * the catalogue numbers of Iron Maiden albums
    * the complete track listing of all Stiff Little Fingers albums

Apparently, none of the above makes me a Super Hero.

And what would my alter egos name be?

Slightly Overweight Trivia Bloke

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