Sunday, 27 March 2022

Mattiel - Georgia Gothic

This is the third Mattiel album, and the first where Mattiel Brown and Jonah Swiller have directly collaborated face-to-face in building a  collection of 11 songs.  And that collaboration has added more diversity and experimentation into the mix, where before they were perhaps aiming for a template or soundscape or atomosphere.
And it is the diversity of influence and delivery that wins for this record.  At times introspective, the next moment is joyous and bristling with a euphoric pop-ish sheen.

Retro garage sound takes (slight) a back seat in favour of broader styles including Country and Spaghetti Western moments - both of which showcase Mattiel's vocal abilities.
Too simplistic perhaps - there are many influences going on in here, and not always easy to divine.  But combined together it just seems to weave into a very fine whole.

And continuing to be simplistic, it's a bit like Siouxsie Sioux meets Goldrapp with bit of First Aid Kit and Ennio Morricone thrown in for good measure.

"Jeff Golblum" stomps along like a Glam Infused Indie Rocker, "On The Run" drips with Country, and "Lighthouse" is infectious euphoric pop with a massive hook of a chorus - and that's just the first three tracks.
Admittedly not everything works - "Wheels Fall Off" sounds like the wheels might be falling off, and I'm not sure if "Subterranean Shut In Blues" is an update/re-write of (can you guess which Dylan track?) "Subterranean Homesick Blues", or what it's trying to achieve.  Nice enough, but for me (based on 3 listens) not essential.
In spite of that, there are enough varying style highs to warrant repeated listening and repeated enjoyment - pick of the other tracks are the brooding "Blood In The Yolk" and the psychedelicy "You Can Have It All" which most definitely are essential listening.


You Can Have It All

Blood In The Yolk


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